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Shair by Cancierge

Creating a classic, timeless website for a non-profit charity

Janet McLain, founder of Cancierge, reached out to us to help create another website, this time for her non-profit foundation, Shair.


Website Design



Lead Time

4 weeks


June 2019

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The Problem

Shair by Cancierge is a non-profit organization that helps women with cancer who can't afford wigs or treatment. Janet McLain founded Shair to be the non-profit component to her business, Cancierge. Shair provides wigs to cancer patients with hair loss who can't necessarily afford expensive, good looking wigs.

Section 02

Our Solution

When starting the project, we decided that we wanted to build Shair as a separate entity from Cancierge, and therefore have a slightly different brand, look, and feel to the website. We built a clean, modern website, We also wanted to build a site that could be expanded later, once the brand expands.

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Final Results

"It has been a pleasure to work with Carbon Creative. Jake built two websites for my company, Cancierge, and my non-profit, Shair. Jake's knowledge of industry trends, out of the box thinking, and ability to deliver on time and on budget were just a few things that will keep me coming back."
Janet McLain