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June 2020
14 days


Rushbrook is one of Edmond's best neighborhoods. We built them a stunning website that serves a dual purpose.

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Completed in:
14 days
Updated on:
June 10, 2021

Project Background

Rushbrook is a neighborhood located in the rapidly growing Edmond area, a suburb of Oklahoma City. Now that their neighborhood is nearing completion, they decided to revamp their website from the old, plain site they had built in GoDaddy's website builder.

Through a personal connection, Sean McAninley, the president of the board of directors, chose Carbon Creative for the job.

The Challenge

We wanted to build a fast, responsive website that could serve as a marketing tool for non-residents, while providing residents access to important files, neighborhood updates, and access to each board member's contact information. With the goals set, we were ready to start the website

Rushbrook's New Website, Designed by Carbon Creative, an OKC Website Design Agency

Our Solution

In just 14 days, we were able to build a beautiful, easy-to-use website for the Rushbrook Neighborhood Association. We were able to finish and launch the website quickly and smoothly, as the client was able to let us take the lead and deferred heavily to our expertise, which was great motivation for our team and allowed us to build and publish this project much faster than the average site we build.

Final Results

Overall, Rushbrook's residents have been extremely satisfied with the website. About half of the neighborhood logs onto the website on a monthly basis to receive updates about the goings-on of the neighborhood. Residents often use the contact form, and over half of the neighborhood has signed up to receive updates from their newsletter.

Sean McAninley

President, Rushbrook HOA

Despite the fact that I knew nothing about building a website, I truly felt a part of the process. We couldn't be happier with the work Jake did and would gladly recommend Carbon Creative to anyone looking for a website.

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