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Crafting a fast, sleek website for a top real estate brokerage

We built an elegant, prestigious website fitting for Havenly Real Estate Group, one of OKC's best real estate brokerages.

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Havenly Real Estate

Havenly Real Estate Group is an Oklahoma owned and operated boutique real estate brokerage, providing a higher level of service to clients across OKC and Tulsa. Their old website was quickly thrown together back in 2016 when they were founded. As they grew, Havenly needed a more modern, sleek website that was designed to attract the clients the company was founded to serve.

Havenly Real Estate

We were tasked with updating their slow and outdated WordPress site with a faster, much more functional website that's fitting for a boutique real estate brokerage. After a few meetings with them to find out what they wanted in a new site, we got to work on re-building their website from scratch using Webflow, handling everything from creative visuals to IDX implementation.

Havenly Real Estate

Implementing an IDX platform into a completely custom website was a different and challenging experience for us, however we were able to overcome that challenge. After about 12 weeks (including time for the holidays) we were able to successfully develop an innovative, streamlined, and fast website that's more fitting for a boutique real estate brokerage.

Havenly Real Estate

Several weeks after implementation, our analytics showed an increase in user engagement, likely due to the sleek, more modern look and easier navigation.

Carbon Creative created a custom website for the real estate brokerage I work for, Havenly Real Estate Group. The site is gorgeous and easy to use, and their team was great to work with and so responsive to our needs. I highly recommend Carbon Creative for your web design needs!

Tonya Hedges
Marketing Director, Havenly Real Estate

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