7 Eye-Opening Web Design Statistics for 2020

These jaw dropping web design statistics will really open your eyes

7 Eye-Opening Web Design Statistics for 2020
Jake Steelman
July 16, 2019
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7 Eye-Opening Web Design Statistics for 2020

In an ever-evolving digital world, web design is becoming increasingly important to the profitability, visibility, and success of your business. 

Ever wondered how your business’ website affects your traffic, visibility, credibility, and most importantly, profitability? Sit down, grab some popcorn, and read on as we show you 7 Eye-Opening Web Design Statistics for 2019.

According to Pew Research, 81% of American adults have a smartphone, allowing them access to the internet no matter where they are or what time it is. 77% of Americans have access to the internet, regardless of device. (Pew Research, US Census Bureau)

So obviously, it’s critical for your business to have a website, and even more critical that it’s designed well. After all, it only takes the average user 50 milliseconds (half the blink of an eye!) to form an opinion of the site that determines whether they stay or leave

People are ruthless when it comes to judging websites. Don’t believe us? 

Check out the image below and think about which store you’d rather shop at.

GIF showing two different websites, one with clean elegant design and the other with a poor, outdated design.
Which one would you rather shop at?

Your site might have passed the 50 milliseconds of doom, but that’s not it!

Over a third of your users (38%, to be exact) will actually stop engaging with your site if your content, layout, or page structure deliver a poor user experience. In other words, it doesn’t matter how good your site looks if it’s unusable. Your site’s experience needs to flow, and users should easily be able to access what they’re looking for. 

To make matters worse, just under 90% of online consumers are much less likely to return to a site after having a bad experience. That’s a lot of money being lost, just in that one statistic alone. Nobody hands out second chances on the internet.

Hopefully it’s starting to set in how much business you could be losing just by having a poor design and poor user experience. If you choose to look on the bright side of things, think about how much more revenue you could be generating with good web design and user experience.

I’m probably beating a dead horse here, but I’ve got more stats. 

Ever been on a site where the images are loading so slowly, it’s like watching paint dry?

Me too. It’s safe to say I didn’t stay there for long, and I’m wasn’t alone. Around 40% of users will stop engaging with a site if the images load slowly. Not only does this affect bounce rate (percent of people who leave after viewing one page), but it affects your visibility in search engines. 

Bad visibility and bad bounce rate combine to take an exponential toll on your profitability. Speaking of bad profitability, did you know that slow loading websites cost online retailers over $2.6 billion dollars per year? That’s a lot of dough.

Your Website Reflects Your Business

Remember the image of the two websites that I showed earlier? 

What opinions did you form about each of the companies? I might have said that the modern, elegant site is fit for a premium, modern company that uses efficient systems and cares about their customers, while the old, outdated site might reflect an old, outdated website with a poor selection of furniture and a clunky, outdated business model. 

Here’s what I’m trying to say: Over 75% of online consumers admit to judging and making assumptions of a company’s credibility based entirely on the design of the website, according to a study conducted by Stanford University.

You might have a family business that’s existed for a long time, passed through generations of owners, and built entirely upon credibility and good service. But, if your business’ site is unusable and hasn’t been updated since 1995 when Aunt Carol built it using HTML 2 knowledge from a high school computer science course, you might be missing out on profitability due to negative perception of credibility from online visitors.

Finally, remember when I said that it only takes 50 milliseconds to make an impression or judgement about a company website? 94% of first impressions are design related. So if your website simply isn’t eye candy, chances are that’s the lasting impression you’ll make on customers.

Where do I go from here then?

Unless you’re a seasoned web design expert, the only option available is to hire one. While sites like WordPress and Wix exist, it’s typically very easy to install a poorly designed theme or to mess up the design or user experience yourself, so often times hiring a web designer is your best bet. These can cost upwards of $2000 for a base level site.

If you’re looking for affordable web design, don’t hesitate to contact Carbon Creative. Our unique business model allows us to offer super affordable websites that are stunning, elegant, and make the user the focus of the site. Drop us a line today. 

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